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1993 Born in Japan

2012 Entered the Tokyo University of the Arts

2015 Exchanged to Sydney College of the Arts

2017 Graduated the Tokyo University of the Arts

    Entered the master course of the Tokyo University of the Arts

2018 Participated in IAM program (institute of Art of Malta)

2020 Graduated the master course of the Tokyo University of the Arts



2019 “Good-bye Lullaby” Tokyo, Japan

          “Land Politics” Valletta, Malta

2020 "AATM Art Award Tokyo Marunouchi 2020"


2015 "Art-scene and Chroma Dean’s Award for Painting" (Sydney College of the Arts)

2020 "Blue Moon Prize" (AATM Art Award Tokyo Marunouchi 2020)

 Akira Taniguchi mainly creates his work in the fields of painting and installation.  His artistic creations are based on a Japanese original thought called もののあはれ “Mono-no-aware” (pathos of things) – the feeling of sadness which accompanies the reality of life and death.  This concept can be compared with and is similar to the theory of “Memento Mori” in Western culture.  Under this idea, he regards continuity as inspiration for his art.  We, humans, continue to live and cease to live one day.  This simple motto shows that existence and death are two sides of the same coin.  Therefore, he creates art work which repeats itself and makes viewers reflect on the idea of “Mono-no-aware”. The materials he uses are varied, from oil and acrylic paints, ceramics to plywood and other. He received the Dean’s Award at Degree Show in Sydney College of the Arts, Australia when he was an exchange student.

1993 日本うまれ

2012 東京藝術大学入学

2015 シドニー芸術大学交換留学

2017 東京藝術大学卒業


2018 IAM (institute of Art of Malta)に参加、マルタ共和国に留学

2020 東京藝術大学大学院修士課程修了


2019 “グッバイ・ララバイ” 東京/日本

          “Land Politics”  ヴァレッタ/マルタ共和国

2020 "AATM アートアワードトーキョー 丸の内 2020"


2015 "Art-scene and Chroma Dean’s Award for Painting" (シドニー芸術大学)

2020 "ブルームーン賞" (AATM アートアワードトーキョー 丸の内 2020)



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